Month: July 2020

Claire Baker

Claire Baker

Claire Baker broken (n)aimless Mixed media work (foam packing sheets, op-shop sourced Sylko Size A embroidery thread, Velcro adhesive dots, broken shells, pebbles, glass splinter, ink. Dimensions: 59 cm x 71 cm My work reflects a desire to make a commentary on contemporary life by drawing on my studies of art history and various creative …

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Tracy Sorensen

Tracy Sorensen Listen to your body (2020) Crocheted wool and acrylic yarn, approx. 40cm x 26cm x 10cm. In 2014, when I was diagnosed with Stage 3C primary peritoneal cancer, I picked up my crochet hook. I created a set of abdominal organs, soft and three dimensional, along with two pom-poms tumours. The task was …

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