Month: August 2020

Jenni Munday

Dr Jennifer Munday is an Associate Professor teaching in the disciplines of Creative Arts, and Technology. Jennifer’s academic work and contribution are focused on “Developing and implementing innovative curriculum, learning and teaching models.” (University Strategy 2022 refocus) She has built a reputation within and beyond the CSU community as progressive in online, flexible, and distance …

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Louisa Waters

Louisa Waters’ practice is concerned with the space where history and landscape intersect; where memories and discourses produced by people and places create ideology, and how ideology transforms land and informs notions of place. Her current work explores the transformation of the Gippsland, Gunnaikurnai land since colonisation through narratives of fire, critiquing European fire regimes. …

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Marg Leddin

Marg Leddin Cicada Dance Lines Photograms, photographic paper/processes. Various dimensions. (See below for details.) These cicada photograms explore the catastrophic north east bushfires over the last decade. The series depicts shells with various native flora collected around Albury/Wodonga and north east Victorian fire areas. Most cicada shells were found in fire areas in late summer …

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Donna Caffrey

Donna Caffrey Reflections on Birds and Cats Mixed media collage Bird song was a constant part of the aural environment were Donna was raised. After living in Melbourne and Sydney Donna returned to river country.  She and now lives in Albury, NSW. Her works draw on her memories of birds and bird song on the …

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A Published Event – Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward

A Published Event (Margaret Woodward and Justy Phillips) Lost Rocks (2017-21) Forty-book Library. Authors various. Digital webpress. 181mm x 111mm. Limited Edition/ 300. A Published Event. Hobart. In March 2016, A Published Event (Justy Phillips & Margaret Woodward) launched a five-year, slow-publishing collaboration called Lost Rocks (2017–21) – an accumulative event of mineralogical, metaphysical and …

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