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During October Jenni and Donna, both members of the Creative Practice Circle research group and Re-Create Collective, will have arts residencies on opposite sides of the world. Jenni will be in Ísafjörður Iceland, and Donna will be in Oatlands Tasmania. We will be approximately 5000 kilometres from the respective poles and over 17000 kilometres apart.

Donna Caffrey

Oatlands Tasmania

Jennifer Munday

Ísafjörður Iceland

Latest Updates

Ísafjörður Iceland

Perpetual problem-solving

Now back in Oz with postcards ‘sans’ plants. I wasn’t allowed to bring them back into the country – they did deliberate a little, as the plants are ‘dried’ – as in dead! But the crux was that I didn’t have a permit – even though I had been trying to get one, or get a clarification of the situation. I could have left the cards with customs and sought to have each plant identified by a botanist, and then the decision would be regarding whether the plant is dangerous or not. This would be expensive – and if I ...
Ísafjörður Iceland

Farewell to the Westfjords

Now sitting in Reykjavik at a very nice AirBNB in the old west part of town. I was lucky to get a lift back from Isafjordur to Reykjavik through the rideshare page – Facebook is used almost exclusively for people to message each other and share news about what’s going on in town. This is a good use of Facebook, I think, although it’s a bit annoying to have to have it open all day – particularly if your phone is not working outside of wifi. The few days in Reykjavik have been useful – I’ve caught up with Ines, ...
Oatlands Tasmania

Jorgen Jorgensen – from self proclaimed king of Iceland to Convict in Oatlands

Image credit ABC I had a gathering on the last night of my residency. I learnt that there was a connection between Iceland and Oatlands. Go figure! An adventurous Dane by the name of Jorgen Jorgensen sailed to Iceland in 1809 and declared it independent of Denmark and proclaimed himself ruler. However, prior to this he had visited Van Diemen’s land in 1804 and boasted he was the first man to harpoon a whale in the Derwent River. In 1825 Jorgensen was transported to Van Dieman’s land as a punishment for failing to observe parole conditions relating to charges of ...
Ísafjörður Iceland

What a puffin really looks like

Nearly at the end of our stay and the water has turned off in the house. Something went wrong yesterday, then it was fixed last night, and now again, we are without water. Beautiful Annska from ArtsIceland has given us bottles of water and bucketsful to use in the loo… Ironic, really, in a country with so much water. The dilemma is, though, that this afternoon Ruth and I were going to give an artist talk as the conclusion to our residency, and it was going to be here at Engi. Well, we can’t invite people here without a functioning ...
Ísafjörður Iceland

Can I get them home?

So the question is – can I bring my postcards home? Since they now have the addition on many of them of dead plants. I was going to post them home in a box, but the post-person in the Post Office says that he doubts they would arrive in less than a month. And since these are my contribution to the Crevice Communities exhibition, I need them available at the beginning of December. So – no posting! Also, can I bring plant materials back into Australia. The customs website says you can’t bring in live plants, and seeds need to ...
Oatlands Tasmania

The value of community

Having been away from home for a while now I am just starting to build connections in Oatlands.  I will be leaving in five days and am rather sad about it.   The irony is that one of the reasons I sought a residency was to take me out of my environment and away from community obligations for a bit.  Having said that, I am still receiving emails and checking Facebook – as well as posting myself. No to mention calls to family, My art exploration has been aided by my connection with the community here in Oatlands. All the Letters ...
Ísafjörður Iceland

Heading into the final week

The last three days I have been voyeur to an online conference coming out of the University of Stockholm. It has been quite interesting from a number of points of view – particularly in relation to the online presence we maintain with the Creative Practice Circle. I participated in an “elsewhere” exercise, which I wrote about in a previous post, and I joined in on some interesting presentations that were quite thought-provoking. I’m presuming the recordings of sessions will be made available soon. There were some interesting ways of presenting in Zoom, which was also interesting – with the ‘pinned’ ...
Oatlands Tasmania

Tyranny of distance redefined

It has definitely been good to get away from my home studio and obligations I’ve built up in the community.  However the digital age means we are all still closely connected.  This has both positive and negative aspects to it.   The tyranny of distance no longer exists.  I think now it’s more a case of the tyranny of cyberspace and the difficulty in disconnecting! I’ve done quite a bit of exploring in my art practice and time has flown. I plan to have a mini exhibition at the studio at the end of the coming week and then I’ll be heading home to ...
Oatlands Tasmania

RuraL England on the otherside of the world

I would be forgiven if I thought I was in England.   Today the sky is grey and the sun has not bleached the colour from the morning.    Everything is soft to the eye. There are boxthorn hedges and sheep grazing in a paddock close by. The only clue that I’m not in the northern hemisphere is man I hear swearing whilst loading unco-operative sheep into a truck – Australian vernacular is bouncing around in the crisp morning air. This morning I took a walk past St’s Pauls Catholic Church.  It is a very pretty building surrounded by green hedges and ...
Ísafjörður Iceland

Sitting at home, a european conference, and just keep working!

I’m just continuing to work on the postcards – the ones I’ve included today, might be close to finished. All day I’ve been attending a European conference which is totally online: Alliances & Commonalities 2022, and it is coming out of Stockholm University. The first session asked us to do an “attention” task and record it and send to them – they will show something with the recordings on Saturday, the final day. Here is what I recorded: “My colleague Ruth is also zooming, quite loudly as she negotiates her future work. Unbelievably I am sitting gazing at the troll’s ...
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