Second week in Iceland

I arrived at the end of September and thought it would be good to scoot around the island. So I joined a ring road tour which really did scoot around the island, but didn’t venture to the Westfjords where my residency is. So I’ve had a chance to see most of the tourist sites that are really gob-smacking regarding this incredible island of Iceland.

I was helped to get a lift from Reykjavik to Isafjordur to the residency – amazing scenery. I will add pics when I work out how to. There is another Australian artist staying at ‘Engi’, the name of the house we are in, Ruth McDermott, and we have trudged around Isafjordur working out where things are. She has gone back to Reykjavik for a weekend with her family, and I am snowed in. Amazing looking out the window at the snow on the fjord. Tomorrow it is meant to clear and I will find out if I can actually do any cyanotypes in the weak sunlight that may come out.

3 thoughts on “Second week in Iceland”

  1. Snow. Wow. The scenery is definitely different! Your post was timley. I had just finished writing a lengthy post about the natural environment around Oatlands after wondering and how much of an impact settlement had on the environment. Good luck with the cyanotypes 🙂

  2. Jenni, very interested to hear you are planning to make cyanotypes in Isafjordur. What a perfect medium to use in your mobile situation. Even on dull days I have found they still develop to the necessary grey tone, just take a lot longer! Looking forward to seeing your cyano creations from Iceland.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marg. I had to bring pre-prepared sheets, both paper and cloth, since I wasn’t going to carry chemicals in my luggage :-O
      They are not as satisfying in the outcomes. However, you work with what you have! Yesterday we had some sun and I managed to get a few images – it’s mostly about how long to leave them out to get a decent print. More experimenting tomorrow, or whenever the sun shines next.

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