The view of the troll’s seat

The view from my window at Engi

Yesterday it snowed all day and the view of the fjord is a bit different. I’m staring out the window right now though hoping the clouds will recede and I might get some constant sunlight. It didn’t occur to me when planning the works I was going to make that Iceland may not have sun-shiny days – a necessary ingredient for cyanotypes. I’m ready to experiment if the sun will stay out long enough.

But I’m also prepared to change media and will think along the lines of the pieces that are currently showing in the Re-Create exhibition at the Albury LibraryMuseum.

Icelanders are incredibly loyal to their sagas and stories. The troll seat story is that many years ago two trolls were trying to break the Westfjords away from the rest of Iceland and they were succeeding, but one sat down to rest. Hence the large “bottom” indentation.

2 thoughts on “The view of the troll’s seat”

  1. Love the story Jenni. So the mountain is a chair? That theme keeps popping up! Looking forward to more stories that capture the geography and landscape as you come across them. Have you been able to glean what the rock type is in this area? There is a predominance of sandstone here in Oatlands .

    1. Everything seems to be volcanic rock – the black you can see is volcanic rubble. The pathways are all made from it. I have some pics from around the island of lava fields starting to become fertile – of course it takes hundreds or thousands of years, but that is why Iceland, although intimidating in its landscape, is a fertile countryside. So many sheep enjoying the rich grasses and horses running freely in the paddocks. At the end of September the farmers start bringing in the sheep and horses for the winter. We visited an Icelandic horse stable at the end of the tour – since there are hot water spas under a lot of the island the horses have central heating in their stables!

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