Playing with postcards

The other side of Isafjordur, leading out to the ocean.

The librarian has been so helpful here and has persevered with printing my transparencies. They have a “Museum of Photography” which she says is more of an archive. I’m intending to have search through today. However, I bought a couple of postcards they had available. I’m including it at the end of the post – a wonderful black and white image of children “playing on the beach” around the year 1915. They don’t look very happy, and I imagine that is because the water would be freezing cold – there are no hot water springs in the Westfjords – all the warm water comes from electricity, and is quite expensive, apparently.

Anyway, the cyanotypes I tried when the sun was last out worked mediumly well. That is, a few images are OK, and can be worked with. Rather than expecting the entire cyanotype to be the basis of the postcard, as in the Postcards from the Asylum II, I will use the cyanotype as a component of the postcard and mix it with other found images, found objects and stitching. I really like working with this small size of work – everything feels concentrated.

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