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What does Tasmania and Iceland have that are the same or similar?

  • There are rolling landscapes, hills and mountains. We both have large areas of grasslands.
  • They are islands.  Iceland is about 50% bigger than Tasmania
  • They have small populations
  • Sheep, cattle and potatoes.
  • They have amazing natural untouched landscapes.
  • They both are increasingly relying on tourism with the consequent impact on both urban and natural environments
  • Both were environmentally impacted by settlement – in Iceland by the Norse and in Tasmania by the British colonists
  • Both are subject to the issues of climate change
  • Alcoholism and mental health issues

As a counterpoint its interesting that Australia is one of the oldest land masses in the world and Iceland one of the youngest. The sandstone in the Oatlands area was laid in the Triassic period.     I tried to find out what dinosaurs lived in Tasmania in this period.  No bones have been found and the reason cited is that the rocks In Tasmania are too old.  

I’m currently living in a sandstone cottage.  My walls could be 251 million years old.      That’s something to think about!


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