Thinking about driftwood

Driftwood log outside the Isafjordur Westfjords Heritage Museum – photo came from

I haven’t been to this museum yet – the weather has been a bit too brutal for a softie from Albury Wodonga (we have witnessed locals walking out in the weather, with dogs and children) – brrrrr!

However, yesterday there was an exhibition opening at ArtsIceland gallery space and it was about driftwood. Evidently driftwood to Iceland comes from Russia and has come in great quantities over the years – so much so that driftwood was used in the rafters of buildings for some time. The change in the volume of driftwood is now linked to climate change. The website and the film trailer are extremely interesting. I had a conversation with one of the artists yesterday, and today, after looking at their site, would like to have a closer contact. The main artist/researchers are from Berlin and are on an arts residency in another town here in the Westfjords.

Please take a look:

2 thoughts on “Thinking about driftwood”

  1. I found that really interesting. I have a mind map growing in my head. I see so many things we have seen linking to each other. . The impact of occupation and climate change on the environment. Use of available resources for building. Loss of old crafts. The voice of the artist.

    1. I’m glad you are thinking visually. As I play with the little bits and pieces that I’m putting together in the postcards I do wonder how these messages get over to people in order to see the gravity of the world situation.

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