The Sun is Out

Dramatic sky, leading to a sun-filled day

As expected I have been able to get some more cyanotypes done today – we’ll see how they turn out in the next few days as they dry. You wouldn’t believe it’s the same place – it is a magnificent day! Yesterday an Australian friend took us to Sudavik and we saw some arctic foxes and some frozen waterfalls – everything is majestic and magnificent. The wind was very cold yesterday, but today it has dropped and we are going with them to the large 3-tiered waterfall about 45 minutes from here.

Last night was particularly exciting – I saw the Northern Lights. I had hoped I would but didn’t really expect it. Ruth, the other artist, and I were like kids out in the snow looking at the aurora and taking pictures – sooooo exciting.

Northern Lights from Engi, looking towards Isafjordur.

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