Cyanotypes and sightseeing

Local waterfall, Dingeyri – each waterfall on the way down has it’s own name.

We made some Australian friends who are living in Bolungarvik who offered to take us to see the local waterfall – its very impressive and already a third is now ice. The air was bitter but the sky was clear and we enjoyed the drive around the fjord in the sunset.

Yesterday was a good day for cyanotypes and I’ve got a few prints drying. Up until this point I’ve used bits of images that worked and added found images and objects. The objects have turned out to be bits of plant – bits I’ve found, and two that were given to me as an exhibition at the gallery at ArtsIceland was taken down. I’m not sure if they will make it back to Australia – I will try posting them on the final weekend.

Yesterday’s cyanotypes are a bit better – I knew I had to leave them out for 15 minutes so the images are a bit clearer. However, now that I’ve been working in a particular way I need to think about how I will use these – will I keep to using elements or will the images be used together? The images are of natural things I’ve seen; images I’ve come across when reading about history and sagas; and the norse runes, or alphabet.

Today we took the bus to Flateyri and looked in The Old Bookstore – I bought a book to read with my granddaughter. I had been told the story by Annska at ArtsIceland… a cow was taken to slaughter, and didn’t like the idea, so she escaped and swam across the fjord – she is a local hero and they named a triathlon after the cow, which takes place in Flateyri.

The scenery never stops being breathtaking – this morning, looking out the window at the sunrise…

2 thoughts on “Cyanotypes and sightseeing”

  1. Isn’t it amazing to be in a different environment! Is you head spinning with possibilities Jenni?

    Can you make some cyanotypes of your found material and cut them out and layer them on other postcards? Or trace the shape on good quality tracing paper and overlay and stitch it to original cyanotype.

    I was browsing on my lap top and found photos of when we did the cyanotype workshop together. It was so much fun.

    1. I just keep working and trying things… I am trying very hard not to judge – just keep working and try things out. I’ll put some pics on the Isafjordur blog – they are just works!

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