RuraL England on the otherside of the world

I would be forgiven if I thought I was in England.   Today the sky is grey and the sun has not bleached the colour from the morning.    Everything is soft to the eye. There are boxthorn hedges and sheep grazing in a paddock close by. The only clue that I’m not in the northern hemisphere is man I hear swearing whilst loading unco-operative sheep into a truck – Australian vernacular is bouncing around in the crisp morning air.

This morning I took a walk past St’s Pauls Catholic Church.  It is a very pretty building surrounded by green hedges and set in a grassy lawn.    It was designed by a Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin who is known for his role in Gothic Rival architecture.   As well as church design Pugin is known for his design of the interior of Westminster and Elizabeth Tower which homes Big Ben.

Pugin’s designs were conceived in England. He never came to van Deimans Land (Tasmania) but sent detailed models and plans of the church building to be constructed.

My romance with sandstone continues. Check out this wall with its lovely capping stones. I think is is a drystone wall as I can’t see any mortar. Today I hope to chat with a local who has more knowledge than I I on these matters.

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