Tyranny of distance redefined

It has definitely been good to get away from my home studio and obligations I’ve built up in the community.  However the digital age means we are all still closely connected.  This has both positive and negative aspects to it.   The tyranny of distance no longer exists.  I think now it’s more a case of the tyranny of cyberspace and the difficulty in disconnecting!

I’ve done quite a bit of exploring in my art practice and time has flown. I plan to have a mini exhibition at the studio at the end of the coming week and then I’ll be heading home to Albury. Not directly home. I plan to explore a little more of Tasmania.

Photo : Me stitching, apple blossom picked from the road side, three tiny peg people peeking out the studio window.

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  1. Hi Donna – I’m glad you will have a showing of your work – it will be great to hear about audience reaction (if you get some). We have attended a couple of exhibition openings and the Icelanders don’t say anything about the work – or maybe they do, but I don’t understand them. They certainly appreciate the arts. It looks like Ruth, the other artist here, and I, will give an artist talk at the end of the week. Having just written my artist statement for the symposium exhibition, I sort of know what to say 😉

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