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Works in progress

The last three days I have been voyeur to an online conference coming out of the University of Stockholm. It has been quite interesting from a number of points of view – particularly in relation to the online presence we maintain with the Creative Practice Circle. I participated in an “elsewhere” exercise, which I wrote about in a previous post, and I joined in on some interesting presentations that were quite thought-provoking. I’m presuming the recordings of sessions will be made available soon. There were some interesting ways of presenting in Zoom, which was also interesting – with the ‘pinned’ presenters choreographing their presentations. The sound outcome of the exercise was also interesting as they were repeating it from two years before (the conference is bi-annual). The observations from 2020 were very ‘interior’ and very body-conscious as people were cooped up and isolated during the COVID pandemic. The edited work they played back to us this year was more spacious and aware of sounds and images beyond the person.

I have met some very good contacts for the CPC – two artists who were in residence: Kirsty Palmer, a sculptor from Scotland; and Ruth McDermott, a light artist from Australia. I’ve also met Dr Catherine Chalmers, a scientist with the University Centre of the Westfjords who features in the Driftwood movie. Which I am hoping we can include in the symposium. Two other Australians who have chosen to live and work here: Rachelle Elliott, who has a PhD from Sydney Con and specialises in conducting Icelandic choral music; and her partner, Michael, who is a photographer and mixed media artist. I also met Imba, a water therapist, who drove me from Reykjavik to Isafjordur, and who is moving to Bali in the New Year. As well as Annska and Elisabet from ArtsIceland – all have been very generous and driven us around to see places and attend events. Ruth and I will give an artist talk next Friday – I am looking forward to this, but it does put me in a dilemma about when I can send the ‘postcards’ home – the post office is not open on the weekend. I’m hoping to get another ride share back to Reykjavik next Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I guess if its not Sunday I will be able to post on the last day of October. And if there is no ride share, as the roads are not great this time of year, then I will be flying down in a little plane, smaller than the REX planes, which go between the two towns twice daily.

The last two nights we have been treated to Northern lights as we walked home in the clear starry sky – the first night we also saw a spectacular shooting star…

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