The value of community

All the Letters of the Alphabet – Concertina booklet in hard cover.

Having been away from home for a while now I am just starting to build connections in Oatlands.  I will be leaving in five days and am rather sad about it.   The irony is that one of the reasons I sought a residency was to take me out of my environment and away from community obligations for a bit.  Having said that, I am still receiving emails and checking Facebook – as well as posting myself. No to mention calls to family,

My art exploration has been aided by my connection with the community here in Oatlands. All the Letters of the Alphabet was a work provoked by the community of Oatlands to support a month long fund raiser for the McGrath Foundation. Wandering about town, meeting and chatting with the residents and pondering and reading on the convict history and white settlement of the region about me has led me to explore much further than the original brief I set myself .

Was it Donne that said no man is an island?  Must revisit that.

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  1. Hi Donna – if you are making arts connections please let them know about the CPC – give them the web address, and even invite them to join the Facebook group.

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