Can I get them home?

Re-posted pic of one of the postcards

So the question is – can I bring my postcards home? Since they now have the addition on many of them of dead plants. I was going to post them home in a box, but the post-person in the Post Office says that he doubts they would arrive in less than a month. And since these are my contribution to the Crevice Communities exhibition, I need them available at the beginning of December. So – no posting! Also, can I bring plant materials back into Australia. The customs website says you can’t bring in live plants, and seeds need to be declared, for consideration.

I’ve just written to the DAFF to see if I can bring back DEAD plants as part of my artworks, and attached the above, since that has a bit of root as well. They will answer me within 10 days – lets hope that’s before I get on the plane with all the postcards in a box.

I have experienced several personal sagas whilst in Iceland that could join the literary traditions of the Nordics’

By the way – the symposium is looking fabulous, and people are starting to want to come!

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