What a puffin really looks like

Well, a stuffed one, anyway…

Nearly at the end of our stay and the water has turned off in the house. Something went wrong yesterday, then it was fixed last night, and now again, we are without water. Beautiful Annska from ArtsIceland has given us bottles of water and bucketsful to use in the loo… Ironic, really, in a country with so much water.

The dilemma is, though, that this afternoon Ruth and I were going to give an artist talk as the conclusion to our residency, and it was going to be here at Engi. Well, we can’t invite people here without a functioning loo, so we may need to postpone – but the end is nigh… Ruth flies out on Monday morning, and I may do the same, or Tuesday, depending on whether anyone is driving back to Reykjavik and would like a passenger – me!

In the exploration of whether I can bring my postcards back I’ve been in touch with DAFF and they have sent me to the Bicon page – I have made an account, but the only information I can glean is that I will declare them when I return and hope they won’t be confiscated or destroyed. On Sunday I will try to take some good photos of the ones with dead plants – nearly all of them…

The days are getting shorter quite quickly and its harder to wake up in the morning – it is dark until almost 9am. In the afternoon the below is about how high the sun gets and its getting pretty dark around 6pm. What a shock my body will have in just under two weeks time – although I believe floods have been a big problem in Victoria while I’ve been away.

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