Farewell to the Westfjords

Last morning of looking out my bedroom window at the Troll’s seat.

Now sitting in Reykjavik at a very nice AirBNB in the old west part of town. I was lucky to get a lift back from Isafjordur to Reykjavik through the rideshare page – Facebook is used almost exclusively for people to message each other and share news about what’s going on in town. This is a good use of Facebook, I think, although it’s a bit annoying to have to have it open all day – particularly if your phone is not working outside of wifi.

The few days in Reykjavik have been useful – I’ve caught up with Ines, one of the makers of the Driftwood film and exhibition. I’m looking forward to continuing our friendship. And Ruth has arrived through bad weather and delayed flights as well. I farewelled her yesterday as she heads off to London and Holland before getting back to Oz. She is keen to join the CPC and will bring an interesting perspective with her art form.

I’m still sharing emails with the Department of Agriculture. I can’t know the outcome of trying to bring back the postcards until I arrive in Melbourne. They may need to be irradiated – for which there will be a fee. That’s fine – although I don’t know what irradiation does to the rest of the material or the card itself. That will be judged by whoever is on duty when I arrive around midnight on Saturday night in Melbourne.

Reykjavik is an OK city – I’ve enjoyed walking around to see the Imagine Peace Tower – I couldn’t get out to Videy island as the ferry only goes on weekends, but I walked around the bay to see it light up one hour after sunset and got some nice photos. I’ve also enjoyed seeing Down North an exhibition at the Reykjavik Art Museum which is a collection of works by Arctic artists. But, honestly, if you come to Iceland you come for the gob-smacking scenery on the rest of the island – not the city. AND, everything is sooooooooo expensive. I think I will be paying for it for ages 😉

Anyway – off to walk my suitcase to the bus stop to get to the airport and that delightful long haul home. Back in the office on Monday.

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