A Published Event (Margaret Woodward and Justy Phillips)

Lost Rocks (2017-21)

Forty-book Library. Authors various. Digital webpress. 181mm x 111mm. Limited Edition/ 300. A Published Event. Hobart.

In March 2016, A Published Event (Justy Phillips & Margaret Woodward) launched a five-year, slow-publishing collaboration called Lost Rocks (2017–21) – an accumulative event of mineralogical, metaphysical and metallurgical telling. Part artwork, part curatorial platform and part experiment in publishing as art practice, Lost Rocks (2017–21) will come to articulate a library of forty books composed by forty contemporary artists from around the world. At the conceptual heart of this ambitious project sits a discarded geological specimen display board, found by A Published Event at the Glenorchy Tip shop in the northern suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania. Forty of its fifty-six rocks are missing. At once, the rock board is both a decomposing geological taxonomy and a proposition for new mineralogical recomposings of body, duration and event. This artwork seeks to replace the missing rocks, not with geological specimens, but ‘fictionellas’ – processual ‘telling events’ of mineralogical, metaphysical and metallurgical telling.

Artists authors: Margaret Woodward (TAS), Justy Phillips (TAS), Jane Rendell (UK), Sarah Jones (TAS), Ross Gibson (AUS), Ben Walter (TAS), Ally Bisshop (GER), Greg Lehman (TAS), James Newitt (TAS), Therese Keogh (AUS), Mary Scott (TAS), Rory Wray McCann (TAS) Julie Gough (TAS), Tine Melzer/ Markus Kummer (SUI), Raymond Arnold (TAS), Jerry de Gryse (TAS), Trygve Luktvasslimo (NOR), Lucy Bleach (TAS), Wendy Morrow (TAS), Ruth Hadlow (TAS), Louisa King & Jo Kinneburgh (NSW), Shevaun Cooley (WA), Perdita Phillips (WA), Tricky Walsh (TAS), Lyndal Jones (VIC), Bianca Hester (NSW), Catherine Evans (AUS/GER), Robin Banks (TAS), Caroline Loewen (CAN), Helena Demczuk (TAS), Dorita Hannah (NZ) Katie Stackhouse (VIC), Ilana Halperin (UK), Loren Kronemeyer (TAS), Vivienne Cutbush (TAS), Nancy Kuhl (US), Erica Van Horn (US/ IRE), Jen Bervin (US), Nicholas Mangan (AUS), Fayen d’Evie (NZ/VIC)

Artists Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward, (artist duo, A Published Event) make long-term relational artworks through shared acts of public telling. Exploring chance encounter, constructed situations and the shared authorship of lived experience, we work with language, ideas and publishing. At its heart, A Published Event is a raw, social practice that explores the possibilities of ‘slow-publishing’. We place a high value on collaboration, developing long-term relationships with a wide range of artists and writers.


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