David Sargent


Digital print with augmented reality overlay 73x89cm


Extinction examines themes around communication, understanding, and acceptance in the face of anthropogenic degradation. 

Australia has a catastrophic track record in terms of species decline and extinction. Every day, significant efforts from dedicated individuals and conservation organisations help to conserve our remaining species and their habitats. Simultaneously, we continue to destroy the environment by clearing large swathes of land, introducing non-native species, and failing to manage our finite resources appropriately.

How long must we attempt to tape together these torn fragments until we realise the same fate awaits us?

Several experiences of working with some of those dedicated conservation practitioners sparked the creation of this work. The physical print exists in a state of intentional illegibility. An Augmented Reality overlay helps the viewer peel back the layers and uncover the artwork’s message.

Note: This artwork originally intended experiencing the augmented reality overlay within the gallery space.

To simulate this activity, navigate to this webpage or scan the below QR code using an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS12+. Then point your device at the main picture, above, to see augmented reality.



David Sargent is Creative Director of Liveworm, a work-integrated learning incubator within the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. As a designer, artist, and researcher, David is interested in how creative design practice can engage, communicate, and spark social change.

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