Dr Roxanne Bodsworth

Poem to Presentation to Paper

Dr Roxanne Bodsworth presented “Poem to Presentation to Paper” on Monday, February 19, 2024, to the Creative Practice Circle via Zoom. In the presentation, she shared the journey of creative research in developing a paper for the Australasian Association of Writing Programmes annual conference. Post-conference, she developed the paper into an article that she has recently submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. She is now waiting for a response from the editors.

The abstract for the submitted article: Breaking the Locks

While there has been some research into the effects of lockdown on urban performance platforms, the effects of the pandemic on increased access to poetry communities for people living in rural and remote areas has drawn very little consideration. By using a hybrid approach that combines prose analysis with personal poetry, poetry of others, and autoethnographic observation, this paper analyses the ways that Covid lockdowns opened up new possibilities for creativity and poetry, enabling greater community connections for those isolated geographically or through disability. For poets in rural and remote areas, the experience of Covid lockdown was one in which opportunities for Spoken Word on Zoom platforms, and participation in online workshops, allowed easy access to the community of shared poetry that had previously been largely inaccessible. This, in turn, increased the potential for publication. This paper also recognizes the importance of poetry as an art-form that not only gives a voice to the marginalised but can communicate the most challenging experiences to create empathy and understanding, foster creativity and community connection, and produce texts with their own inherent artistic value. 

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