Claire Baker

broken (n)aimless

Mixed media work (foam packing sheets, op-shop sourced Sylko Size A embroidery thread, Velcro adhesive dots, broken shells, pebbles, glass splinter, ink. Dimensions: 59 cm x 71 cm

My work reflects a desire to make a commentary on contemporary life by drawing on my studies of art history and various creative pursuits (stitching, writing, book binding). Witnessing the world suffering with discarded waste, both on the land and sea, I feel powerless and distressed. Where will it end? We throw away so much when we could – and should – recycle. My attempts at making art from discarded materials and mundane ephemera may not make a huge impact to the world’s garbage but if it allows for awareness of our situation then I have made some difference.

The title of my work broken (n)aimless is a play on the oft-used untitled. I feel that an artist should provide some direction for the audience on what was in her mind when creating the work. ‘broken’ refers both to the items used in this piece and also humans’ impact on the environment. ‘(n)aimless’ refers to the meandering thoughts that come into viewer’s minds when experiencing art. It also references my love of wandering along the beach (my other passion) and, more importantly, the mindlessness of our society when it comes to waste.

Traditional embroidery stitches on untraditional materials help to elevate throwaway items, such as the foam packing sheets from household electrical appliances and some broken shells collected from my beach walks, into something of beauty and contemplation – how we impact on the natural world and our legacy to our home planet.

Claire Baker lives and creates in Lake Albert. A poet, embroiderer, and book lover, she combines these in her art to comment on contemporary life. Claire graduated in 2012 from CSU with a BA and in 2017 from Deakin University with a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies.

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