July 28, 2020

Mandy Martin

Keynote speaker Mandy Martin (with Alexander Boynes) Listen across time: to echoes, memories and reverberations 9.30am Friday, August 28, 2020 Resource extraction has occurred in front of our eyes right across Australian landscapes as mines march across once arable land. Invisible extraction is even bigger, the Coal Seam Gas industry is ramping up, largely unseen …

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Claire Baker

Claire Baker

Claire Baker broken (n)aimless Mixed media work (foam packing sheets, op-shop sourced Sylko Size A embroidery thread, Velcro adhesive dots, broken shells, pebbles, glass splinter, ink. Dimensions: 59 cm x 71 cm My work reflects a desire to make a commentary on contemporary life by drawing on my studies of art history and various creative …

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Tracy Sorensen

Tracy Sorensen Listen to your body (2020) Crocheted wool and acrylic yarn, approx. 40cm x 26cm x 10cm. In 2014, when I was diagnosed with Stage 3C primary peritoneal cancer, I picked up my crochet hook. I created a set of abdominal organs, soft and three dimensional, along with two pom-poms tumours. The task was …

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