Exhibition 2020

Ted Hendrickson

Ted Hendrickson Babson’s Boulder, Kindness, Gloucester, MA. (2017) Pigment print on rag paper. Dimensions 330mmx 840 mm. During the past thirty-five years, Ted Hendrickson’s photographs have explored the nature of landscape as image. Ranging from the man-made scene of the built environment to the wooded and coastal landscape that comprises what is left of “Nature” […]

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Jan Osmotherly

Jan Osmotherly What I heard Two videos with sound: Searching – video 5 min 38 sec; Gasping – video 4 min 55 sec As a visual storyteller my goal is to stimulate attitudinal change at a local level – which in turn will inspire action to respect and care for our planet and all living

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Jack Randell

Jack Randell Why Look at Animals 1) “Bongo” mixed media on Tyvec 38x52cm 2) “Przewalski’s Horse” ink, charcoal, graphite and wash on Tyvec 55x66cm I have depicted these subjects, being zoo animals, as highly alert but a disinterested observers of humans. This apparent indifference can be disconcerting to the zoo visitor. It represents a type

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Louisa Waters

Louisa Waters Listening Burning Single channel video: Duration 7:10 min Listening Burning explores anthropogenic fire regimes. The apocalyptic scenes of the 2019-2020 bush-fires saliently brought the Anthropocene to the fore, as the fires destabilised the human-centred story. Listening Burning, listens to both the Custodians of the lands that I live on and to the non-humans

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A Published Event – Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward (Erratic Ecologies)

A Published Event – Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward Erratic Ecologies Field Station, Or an emergent apparatus for speculative research (2019) Sixty-two copper-foiled episodes, two lengths of solid copper bar, one block of quarried Stony Creek Granite, one archival blueprint. A Published Event. New Haven, CT. Dimensions W 24cm X H 13cm x D 3cm.

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Jacqui O’Reilly

Jacqui O’Reilly A bird’s got to sing Sound, video, 2:54 min. A bird’s got to sing is a tribute to the Silvereye bird, also known as the Zosterops lateralis, often found in local urban areas in NSW as well as other parts of Australia and New Zealand. Many studies in the field of Behavioural Ecology

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Nicole Welch

Nicole Welch Yarrahapinni 2019 Single channel HD infrared time lapse. 3:21mins, 50 inch screen, gilded frame edition of 3. This limited-edition video was available for the duration of the Listening in the Anthropocene online Exhibition and Symposium, August 27-28, 2020. For more information, contact Nicole Welch. The Yarrahapinni time-lapse film records tidal flow into an

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Wendy Alexander

Wendy Alexander Regent Honeyeater – money-eater clutch Clutch purse knitted using traditional colour-work techniques, displayed on a foil cake-board. Wool, plastic button, wire, cake-board. H: 40 cm x W: 40 cm x D: 5cm. Knitted fabric inspired by the complex ‘negative’ patterning of black/white, and deep gold highlights, in the feathering of the critically endangered

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Jennifer Munday

Jenni Munday Postcards from the Asylum II 9 postcards + Title piece; cyanotype prints and embroidery The Postcards are an art response to the data and artefacts being collected in a research project about Mayday Hills, the former lunatic asylum, in Beechworth, Victoria. The Anthropocene period is said to date from the start of humans

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