Ted Hendrickson

Babson’s Boulder, Kindness, Gloucester, MA. (2017)

Pigment print on rag paper. Dimensions 330mmx 840 mm.

During the past thirty-five years, Ted Hendrickson’s photographs have explored the nature of landscape as image. Ranging from the man-made scene of the built environment to the wooded and coastal landscape that comprises what is left of “Nature” in Southern New England, Hendrickson’s laconic personal views can be simultaneously poetic, comic, tragic or mysterious. His work records layers of geologic and human history in a concise, straightforward style. Babson’s Boulder, Kindness, Gloucester, MA. (2017) is one of a series of “portraits” of glacial erratic boulders left behind by the melting edge of the Wisconsin Ice Sheet some 18,000 years ago.

Ted Hendrickson studied photography at the University of Connecticut, where he received B.A. and M.F.A. degrees, and at Rhode Island School of Design where he earned a Master’s degree in Art Education. Hendrickson’s work has been featured nationally in numerous one-person and group exhibitions. He received a commission from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts to photograph the towns of New London County for permanent exhibition at the New London County Court House. His work is included in many prestigious public and private collections. Hendrickson is Associate Professor Emeritus of Art at Connecticut College and he lives in Mystic, Connecticut.

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