August 19, 2020

Ted Hendrickson

Ted Hendrickson Babson’s Boulder, Kindness, Gloucester, MA. (2017) Pigment print on rag paper. Dimensions 330mmx 840 mm. During the past thirty-five years, Ted Hendrickson’s photographs have explored the nature of landscape as image. Ranging from the man-made scene of the built environment to the wooded and coastal landscape that comprises what is left of “Nature” …

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Jan Osmotherly

Jan Osmotherly What I heard Two videos with sound: Searching – video 5 min 38 sec; Gasping – video 4 min 55 sec As a visual storyteller my goal is to stimulate attitudinal change at a local level – which in turn will inspire action to respect and care for our planet and all living …

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Jack Randell

Jack Randell Why Look at Animals 1) “Bongo” mixed media on Tyvec 38x52cm 2) “Przewalski’s Horse” ink, charcoal, graphite and wash on Tyvec 55x66cm I have depicted these subjects, being zoo animals, as highly alert but a disinterested observers of humans. This apparent indifference can be disconcerting to the zoo visitor. It represents a type …

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