Frank Prem

Ida: Searching For The Jazz Baby

Symposium presentation Thurs Dec 8

Ida Pender, jazz dancer, associate and (ultimately) the 3rd and final wife of the notorious gangster Lesley ‘Squizzy’ Taylor in 1920’s Melbourne, will be revealed as a larger than life historical character in her own right. Fascinating to police and public alike.
The presentation will highlight how easily and profoundly female protagonists from our past can be overlooked and their rightful place and role in the history of our times neglected. It will also use free verse poetry to illustrate the Ida Pender story and have her dance once more, for us.

Frank Prem is a storytelling poet, published in magazines, e-zines and anthologies, in Australia and other countries, and both performs and records his work.
Frank has published seventeen collections of free verse poetry, including memoir, true life and ‘picture poetry’.
He and his wife live in North East Victoria (Australia).

Symposium presentation 2.30pm Thurs Dec 8

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