Crevice Communities Exhibition

HR Gallop Gallery December 2022 An exhibition of work by invited visual artists will remain in place until the completion of graduation ceremonies on the Wagga Wagga CSU campus. Image above: Owen Lyons’ work installed in the gallery.

Wagga Wagga painting by Owen Lyons.

Owen Lyons 22

Owen Lyons is a Wiradjuri artist and resident of Wagga Wagga. He will give a brief presentation of his work on Wednesday December 7 at 3.45pm. A selection of his paintings will be exhibited in the HR Gallop Gallery for the duration of the Symposium. Image above: Wagga Wagga, Owen Lyons, large-format work commissioned by …

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Yindyamarra walk

Symposium participants and members of the public are invited to join us on a walk guided by Wiradjuri man Lloyd Dolan on a “Yindyamarra walk” over the hill adjacent to CSU grounds. Meet at the Symposium venue in Building 21 (theatrette adjacent to HR Gallop Gallery) on the CSU Wagga Wagga campus at 4.30pm for …

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Tracy Sorensen

Tracy Sorensen Can subaltern organs speak? Symposium presentation 2pm Thurs Dec 8 The ecological crises confronting the world today are supported by a way of viewing the material substance of the world as both infinitely exploitable and lacking in agency and value of its own. This way of seeing the world is, in turn, supported …

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Sandra Stewart 22

Sandra Stewart Reflecting on process Symposium presentation 10.30am Wed Dec 7 (via Zoom) Reflection invokes images of Monet paintings with floating water lilies, a peaceful meditative scenario. It can also be chaotic, scary, and a challenge for learners who wish to create art but do not have art’s building blocks or foundations. They have no …

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Jock Cheetham 22

Jock Cheetham Behind “Running in to grief” Symposium presentation 2.30pm Wed Dec 7 (via Zoom) When someone suffers deep loss, they are left between the living and the dead. They become lodged between reticent neighbours and troubled strangers; without foundation, falling. The lucky ones may land in some barren crevice, searching for meaning even while …

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Jared VanDuinen

Jared van Duinen Worldbuilding as Historical Research: a Method for ‘Creative Histories’ Symposium presentation 2pm Wed Dec 7 This presentation aims to mine the crevice between academic non-fiction history and fictional worldbuilding and explore ways in which the theory and method of academic history can be combined with the creative method and practice of fictional …

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Jacqui O’Reilly 22

Jacqui O’Reilly Return from Erasure: place, identity and intercultural relations in media arts practice Symposium presentation 11.30am Wed Dec 7 This electro-acoustic sound & moving image performance is an immersive and reflexive time based experience and connects to the work of the same name exhibited at the Crevice Communities Exhibition 2021. Drawing on deep listening …

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Frank Prem 22

Frank Prem Ida: Searching For The Jazz Baby Symposium presentation Thurs Dec 8 Ida Pender, jazz dancer, associate and (ultimately) the 3rd and final wife of the notorious gangster Lesley ‘Squizzy’ Taylor in 1920’s Melbourne, will be revealed as a larger than life historical character in her own right. Fascinating to police and public alike.The …

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Diane Cass 22

Diane Cass Finding Light in Unimaginable Darkness During the early months of 2019 I received a life-changing diagnosis. What made this particularly uncommon, was the fact that all my children also received the same diagnosis. We very quickly found out that the disease is degenerative and incurable. As a result, we tried to find some …

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