Exhibition 2022

Wagga Wagga painting by Owen Lyons.

Owen Lyons 22

Owen Lyons is a Wiradjuri artist and resident of Wagga Wagga. He will give a brief presentation of his work on Wednesday December 7 at 3.45pm. A selection of his paintings will be exhibited in the HR Gallop Gallery for the duration of the Symposium. Image above: Wagga Wagga, Owen Lyons, large-format work commissioned by […]

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Sam Bowker 2022

Sam Bowker Golden Shadows: The Making of “The Alchemist’s Jar” Symposium presentation 12.30pm Thurs Dec 8 “The Alchemist’s Jar” (2022-2023) is a new shadow theatre concert with live music – original, historic, and contemporary – inspired by the storytelling traditions of Egyptian medieval shadow puppetry (khayal al-zill in Arabic, or karagoz in Turkey and Greece),

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Marg Leddin 22

Marg Leddin Abstracted Washing Line Invited Artist – HR Gallop Gallery Dec 6-8 Artist’s statement: What can Creative Photographic Practice Reveal About Regional and Remote Crevice Communities of the Past? Memories of the daily washing ritual typified by overflowing clothes lines on my remote childhood farm in the Upper Murray has inspired recent photographic explorations

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Lynette Callaghan 22

Lynette Callaghan Mental Health-Creating Program that Integrates Text within the Art Image. Symposium presentation (via Zoom) 11.30am Thurs Dec 8 Abstract: This investigation was initiated in response to a need, identified during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the provision of life enriching visual arts experiences to facilitate member well-being in an Albury/Wodonga medical, mental healthcare setting.

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Jenni Munday 22

Jenni Munday Postcards from the Westfjords Invited artist – HR Gallop Gallery Dec 6-8 2022 Jenni is a creative practice researcher at Charles Sturt University and a member of the Creative Practice Circle research group in the Faculty of Arts & Education. Postcards from the Westfjords is a result of an arts residency with ArtsIceland

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Peta Jeffries 22

Peta Jeffries The art of colonisation and decolonisation: dismantling rural settler futurities through art practice as research Symposium presentation 12pm Thurs Dec 8 AbstractWithin Australia, art shapes understandings of and connections to place. Art defines individual and collective identities, especially in rural spaces, where people are defined in relation to land. These relationships and identities,

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Donna Caffrey 22

Donna Caffrey Developing an art practice: Rabbit holes, the butterfly process and mindfulness in textile art Symposium presentation 4pm Wed Dec 7 Abstract: I work in mixed media with a focus on stitch, textiles and paper. I’m a bit of a butterfly and flitter between works. Focus on and completion of one thing at a

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