Keynote 2022

Margaret Woodward and Camilla Brueton

moss.quarry.plaque: a soft echo of a place

moss.quarry.plaque is a public artwork by Margaret Woodward and Camilla Brueton commissioned by the City of Hobart, installed within the City of Hobart’s’ Digital Twin, a searchable, interactive, three dimensional “map” of Greater Hobart. The Digital Twin is a data-rich environment built from many different government and private data sets, used for planning the city’s infrastructure, traffic, land use and more.

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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Lee-Anne Hall

The Art Gallery – Leadership, Challenge and Change  Keynote address Art Galleries and Museums are privileged sites of civil society with both responsibility and potential to lead and engage audiences in issues and challenges of consequence. This paper will outline the leadership taken by Wagga Wagga Art Gallery across two principal areas; regional creative development,

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