29 July 2020

Sam Bowker

Dr Sam Bowker Remixing the Ramayana: Literary listening and the curation of contemporary song cycles View recording of Sam’s presentation here. Listening is enhanced by a sense of purpose. Over almost twenty years, the author created annual compilations of music encountered during that year. These playlists were circulated as both journals and introductions to new […]

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Perdita Phillips

Perdita Phillips A forecast of storm (Derbarl Yerrigan), 2020 Video. 8:53 Please listen with headphones. Swan River dolphin recordings provided by Chandra Salgado Kent, Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Curtin University. Late at night, when the wind swings to the west, I can hear the inner harbour of the port of Fremantle, some distance

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Merrill Findlay

Dr Merrill Findlay Storytelling through astronomical lensesThe moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre holds that we are storytelling animals on a narrative quest. To know what we need to do, we need to know what story we wish to be part of. In this presentation I will be looking at my own dilemma, coming back to live in the bush

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David Watson

Taking the pulse of a continent: the Australian Acoustic Observatory Presenter: David M Watson, Professor of Ecology, CSU Abstract: Ecology and environmental science rely on objective, repeatable measures of species occurrence, habitat attributes and ecosystem properties.  Although these data are easily collected, repeatedly visiting hundreds of sites required to generate reliable baselines and infer future

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The River Yarners

The River Yarners  Yarned River  Width approx 40cm, length approx 80 metres The Yarned River is a crocheted, knitted, woven and decorated object 20-50 centimetres wide by about 80 metres in length. It is stored as a series of large wound bales. During community events, actions and conferences in the Central West of New South

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Linda Fish

Linda Fish The Tree Hugger Unique cast Bronze (no edition) H57 X W20 X D15cm I have used various materials, techniques and processes and often use the casting technique, making moulds which are then cast with cement, acrylic co-polymer or bronze. When I am not making sculptures I like to carve linocuts which I hand

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Nic Mason

Nic Mason Brush-tailed rock-wallaby (wirrang) scat strip I Water colour, charcoal and conte crayon on paper, 15 x 127 cm (framed 28.5 x 153.5 cm). Brush-tail rock-wallaby wirrang scat strip I sits with a number of series of works that I created during 2019. These series were created as part of or in conjunction with: Art

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Michelle O’Connor

Michelle O’Connor Sounds of Significance Audio. Duration: 3 min. My research and practice in concerned with community – place and people. In particular, how we listen to our community and what our community sounds like.  I am influenced by Kate Lacey’s notion of listening out, where listening to unfamiliar stories from unfamiliar places can encourage

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Sally Neaves

Sally Neaves is eco-education coordinator for the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Drawing on faith and spiritual traditions as well as Indigenous wisdom, she facilitates workshops and retreats for Earth literacy, advocacy, and an experience of interbeing within the community of life. http://institute.mercy.org.au/mercy-in-action/we-respond/our-environment/

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