13 August 2020

Bärbel Ullrich

Bärbel Ullrich Connecting, listening and collaborating with Land through Art The tradition of ‘landscape’ painting in Australia is evolving as our culture, religious beliefs and attitudes about land, our place and our relationship to it is changing due to ecological crisis, global warming and climate change. I believe that what is important today is the

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Michelle O’Connor

Michelle O’Connor is a Lecturer in Communication and teaches radio in the School of Communication and Creative Industries at Charles Sturt University’s Bathurst campus. Michelle’s research interest draws from radio, listening, soundscape, radio art and storytelling, and she is currently progressing through a PhD investigating the meaning of local significance in Australian community radio. Michelle

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Margaret Woodward

Margaret Woodward – Keynote speaker Mineralogical telling 1pm Friday, August 28 To listen in the Anthropocene is an act of acknowledgement of human complicity and responsibility to the more than human world. As poets, artists, writers and publishers how do we make what is overheard; signals of loss and extinction, moments between presence and absence, languages

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Tracy Sorensen

Tracy Sorensen is the 2020 Writer in Residence at the Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney. Her debut novel, The Lucky Galah, was long-listed for the Miles Franklin Award. She has a background in journalism, video production and community arts. She is a keen crochet artist and an active member of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network. She

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Perdita Phillips

Perdita Phillips Listening as forgetting; listening as ecological remembering. After the fires in eastern Australia were the rains that extinguished the blazes and drove ash and carbon into the creek beds and waterways. Many have commented on the complete lack of (nonhuman) noise in burnt ground after the fires had passed. For people whose homes

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Jenni Munday

Dr Jennifer Munday is an Associate Professor teaching in the disciplines of Creative Arts, and Technology. Jennifer’s academic work and contribution are focused on “Developing and implementing innovative curriculum, learning and teaching models.” (University Strategy 2022 refocus) She has built a reputation within and beyond the CSU community as progressive in online, flexible, and distance

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Louisa Waters

Louisa Waters’ practice is concerned with the space where history and landscape intersect; where memories and discourses produced by people and places create ideology, and how ideology transforms land and informs notions of place. Her current work explores the transformation of the Gippsland, Gunnaikurnai land since colonisation through narratives of fire, critiquing European fire regimes.

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