CPC Ideas Circle

If you’re an existing member of the Creative Practice Circle, you’re invited to join us on the third Monday of the month for a regular session for the CPC ‘Ideas Circle – developing early writing and new work’.

Bring very early drafts of your writing for feedback from colleagues.

Share /test new ideas you’re developing in your practice.  

How does it work?

4pm to 4.20pm – round-the-circle catch-up. Share what you’re working on. Briefly explain what you want to work on today.

4.20-4.40 – break-out rooms 2-4 people. Read your work, or share a copy for others to read. Explain your new idea, discuss with the group.

4.40-5 – share with the group.

Where does this idea come from? CPC member Louise Curham says she found she needed someone to read early drafts to learn if/what they’re communicating and to gauge if the core ideas are coherent. “I had some colleagues at my old uni I did this with and I found it a great way to speed up my writing, and build relationships by learning about each other’s practice.  Why share new ideas in our creative practice? Making new work, I’m often fumbling around, not quite sure where I’m going, part of an emerging process. It would be very helpful and interesting to have a forum to share some of this process through dialogue with others.”

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