Dr Elizabeth Tait, our newest Creative Practice Circle member, presented From Conservation to ‘Reality Capture’- using 3D visualisation in participatory visual methods research via Zoom on October 10, 2022.

This presentation showed how 3D capture and visualisation technologies can be used as mechanisms for community heritage co-production, both as data capture technologies and as mechanisms for representing heritage landscapes as dynamic textual artefacts for participatory visual methods research. A further dimension of the work presented here is the role of the library as research partners and how library spaces were used as spaces for heritage co-production and community engagement. A series of research vignettes was presented from Dr Tait’s work in Scotland related to the use of 3D visualisations as part of heritage-led regeneration. She concluded by discussing her future research plan and how these technologies relate to other visual methods. Online participants then engaged in critical discussion about the strengths and limitations of these methods.

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