November 2022

Peta Jeffries 22

Peta Jeffries The art of colonisation and decolonisation: dismantling rural settler futurities through art practice as research Symposium presentation 12pm Thurs Dec 8 AbstractWithin Australia, art shapes understandings of and connections to place. Art defines individual and collective identities, especially in rural spaces, where people are defined in relation to land. These relationships and identities, …

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Donna Caffrey 22

Donna Caffrey Developing an art practice: Rabbit holes, the butterfly process and mindfulness in textile art Symposium presentation 4pm Wed Dec 7 Abstract: I work in mixed media with a focus on stitch, textiles and paper. I’m a bit of a butterfly and flitter between works. Focus on and completion of one thing at a …

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Film night 22

Rekavidur – Iceland’s Stranded Forest Duration: 45 minutes Directors: Ines Meier, Inka Dewitz Synopsis The aim of our project „Rekaviður“ is to raise awareness for climate change in the Arctic region via the journey of driftwood, for the importance of afforestation for climate mitigation as well as for driftwood‘s vital role in Iceland‘s history and …

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